into your eyes

Song Length 3:17 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language Spanish


remember we have all been here before
this time you rock
the next you roll
can we afford this misery
seems clear to me
some are in pain never knowing love
living heartache and shame
those of us who do can try to make it through
'cause we know love

you should know right know
before i fall i'll always gaze
into your eyes
right here right now
i promise you love
into your eyes i'll gaze

so they say
the end is near
you're on your own
you live in fear
there's nothing you can change
with reality so far beyond
understanding right from wrong
what is evil? what is good?
good is every baby
a solemn promise must be made
to spread out love amidst the hate


right before i break
you know i swear
i'll take another look your way

Lyrics zaak Music zaak
Producer zaak/zdar Publisher zaak
Performance zaak

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