Song Length 2:54 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


taking many things in life for granted
is the way you play
cards that you were given
lucky your were to be born this way
putting on sun glasses no you cannot hide racist
must find another scapegoat
frustration inner conflicts
try to understand
this ain't about you nor 'bout me
you can break my arms
in my mind i am free
don't mess around with money mess around with your brains
where did you go wrong?
i'm not your doll to blame

be what you wanna be for me to see what you wanna see in me
be what you wanna be for me to see what you really see in me

so the streets are mighty jungles many monkeys roam with fear
on the way to make a fortune on the way to beg for pay
once you were a king all mighty your reality domain
non existent slavery-T.V you i praise
try to understand
T.V screens to blow your mind
playing the game
take a side being blind
you don't have to love me you don't have to pay my rent
i'm just a monkey i'm your neighbor i'm your friend

you're so false i see right through you i can bear no more
you don't like me that's o.k 'cause frankly i won't play your game

Lyrics zaak Music zaak
Producer zaak/zdar Publisher zaak
Performance zaak

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