nature's cry (understand)

Song Length 3:36 Genre Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


beauty arises from the bottom of me
your smile and your loving brings a better view
skies painted in blue
sun embracing you
a child with a lifetime experience says hello

as oranges shine at you when you pass by
a child running through the field of flowers
gives me pride
an old shattered house makes you wonder
how all is in place
so radiant with grace

stop being blindfolded it's about time
start to appreciate the simplicity of me
stop ruining everything with hypocrisy and lies
understand me

created i was to nourish you
cherishing the moments i see you grow
arousing your heart
soul searching is hard
enlighten your mind
find in me what you need to survive


harming my stability
brings you closer to the end
for as beauty arises
so does disaster and pain
in peace i come let's be as one
i'm a mother my patience won't die
but me
my mind goes out to those who are still to come

Lyrics zaak Music zaak
Producer zaak/zdar Publisher zaak
Performance zaak/kalvoos/ben/gladis

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