Ghost Music

Song Length 5:29 Genre Folk - Contemporary


Ghost Music
( T. Dean & G. Wardwell )

Southern Ohio, cruise control
dashboard lights, soft neon glow
turn the dial, I heard this song:
Eric Anderson - Violets of Dawn

January Sunday, nowhere to go
nothing to do, nearly 20 below
thru the speakers with no warning
Jesse Colin Young, baby - 4 in the Morning

Ghost music on the radio
Movin up fast coming in low
Ghost music on the radio
Music on the radio

Midnight rain, turning into snow
Will this life last, boys? I just don't know
I hear a voice, filled with fire
Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher


Back on the highway, driving slow
I got the window open, I let the cool wind blow
Over the motor, softly humming
Laura Nyro - Eli's Coming


Lyrics ( George Wardwell) (ASCAP Music Tom Dean (ASCAP)
Producer Tom Dean Publisher Devpro Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Tom Dean Label Dev Productions
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