On The Road

Song Length 4:16 Genre Folk - Rock


(T. Dean & G. Wardwell)

Greyhound bus riding thumb
Stolen car to kingdom come
Brother what you running from
Out here on the road

I too am a wandering soul
Raised on fear and rock & roll
Is there someplace open we can go
To end this broken night

On the road
Out here on the road
On the road
Out here on the road

Midnight up near San Rafeal
Cold and hungry, tired as hell
Heard a railroad crossing bell
It seemed like miles away

Roll the window turn that dial
One more exit ten more miles
Trying hard to reconcile
The black with all these stars


Forever it goes on like this
Tobacco roads and northern mist
Burned out stars and clenched up fists
The blacktop shines like some oasis
Where we can go to find the truth
Or at least to carry on

Hey bus driver turn that wheel
You can fly this bird of steel
Drive all night and make us feel
Out here on the road

Rebels all without a plan
Back and forth across this land
How we gonna make a stand
If we don't slow down


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