Song Length 4:48 Genre Folk - Rock


(Tom Dean - George Wardwell) (ASCAP)

I saw the hand of fate
pitching pennies by Shepherd's Gate
I shouldn't stop - I was running late
still i stopped and I lost a dime

Because of that, I missed a train
a missed train made me miss my plane
transportation took all the blame
Now I know that the fault was mine.

Everybody?s out lookin
Lookin for just the right moment
The right steps that will help them
Find some perfect way
Our steps take us to highways
the highways turn to runways
the earth recedes below us, far away
Until it's yesterday.

We're all marching in the same parade
We're all living with our choices made
We all feel by love betrayed
but that isn't love at all

We all want to begin again
another story with a different spin
We all look for a dime to win
pitching pennies against a wall

Lyrics George Wardwell (ASCAP) Music Tom Dean
Producer Tom Dean Publisher Devpro Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Tom Dean Label Dev Productions
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