Run Down Slow

Song Length 3:59 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


You can float down backwards to a waterfall
you can close your eyes and slip away
another world a new beginning
let it drift and wash away

Nowhere to go and no direction
hey what's the meaning of this song
you can toy with my affections
but don't keep me waiting for too long

Cause I run down slow
but I'm run down
yeah I come down slow
but I come down

Put yourself in my position
it's much easier than you think
this is no trial or inquisition
come to my river take a drink

Don't leave it hanging in the mail room
they won't deliver it to me
don't wait forever to explain it
just tell the truth or let it be

Cause I run down slow
but I'm run down
yeah I come down slow
but I come down eventually

It's not your anger I'm afraid of
let it go and watch it disappear
It's those things unsaid that last forever
It's your silence that I fear

Lyrics Tom Dean Music Tom Dean
Producer Tom Dean Publisher Devpro Music Publishing
Label Dev Productions
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Absent Existence Folk Tunes 10/3/2007
J.O.T. 9/19/07 9/19/2007

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