Escape And On You Go

Song Length 3:39 Genre Folk - Contemporary


(T. Dean & G. Wardwell)

It's funny, all the things that get you,
grab on and never let go.
some lessons you learn too early,
some truths you?ll never know.

Don't look for rhyme or reason
why we are all standing here
while you're waiting for the penny to drop,
dollars can disappear.

And so, escape and on you go
And so, escape and on you go

She didn't know it could get so quiet
all around that loud, mad voice.
the hurt just seems everlasting
and it is 'til she makes a choice.

Maybe it's better tomorrow,
maybe it's not bad as it seems.
maybe it don't smother her soul
to be beaten by the man of her dreams

And so, escape and on she'll go
And so, escape and on she'll go

Let me tell you all a sad old story
told a hundred times a day.
I was driving out on the Airline
thinking 'bout a song I just played.

Headlights come rushing up at me
from the left and my heart just stops.
I hit the brakes, just time to wonder
is this all the time I've got?

And so, escape and on I go
And so, escape and on I go

Lyrics (George Wardwell) (ASCAP) Music Tom Dean (ASCAP)
Producer Tom Dean Publisher Devpro Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Tom Dean Label Dev Productions
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