Ebbets Field

Song Length 3:35 Genre Folk - Contemporary


( T. Dean - G. Wardwell)

My father owned a barroom outside Albany
where he taught me how to be my own best friend
they gunned him down in a parking lot when I was 17
so I left there and I won't go back again

um um ummmm

Now the outlaws and the crazies may be dangerous
but they're the only ones who ever caught my eye
I lived the life that was all the rage in 1966
it was a house of cards but it kept me warm and dry

um um ummmmm

Concrete trucks and rising steel
disappearing farms and fields
I grew up in the shadow of a lot of shady deals
I can still recall the day
they opened up the NY State Thruway
we came to see the Dodgers play
out in Ebbetts Field

Lately I've been going down to church a lot
I don't go in - I just walk around the block
and if I should ever get with God up face to face
I'm gonna ask him why he piled up so much sorrow in one place

Now I?m waiting in a station
for another mystery train
that will take me on ahead
to some place I?ve never been
I keep looking for some refuge
hoping I might someday find
a better world than the one I left behind
a better world than the one I left behind

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