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After I moved to a different city away from the familiarities of my old home, I felt confused, asking myself if its where I belong

Song Length 4:03 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Era 2000 and later



I walked passed the street signs
Looking up glaring at the skyline
The cloudless night brings it to life
So cold I could see my breath
So alone remembering the words you said
Your home is where your heart is
But is this where I belong?

I woke up and poured a cup of coffee
I whispered quietly they forgot about me
The morning rain danced on the window
The photographs are memories
And yeah, I kept em' all
And everynight I go back in time
And look at every single one I put up on my wall
But you cant go back
You cant relive the past
So move on, move on

Is this where I belong?
I feel like the words to a chorus of a song
For a second then, Ill be in your head
But tomorrow Ill be gone
The melody remains
But the meaning is lost

Is this where Im supposed to be I hope you know
Tonight the stars will outline your name
Ill watch the citylights, illuminate the night
I'll wish that you were here with me

But this is where I belong

Lyrics Tom Tobolski Music Tom Tobolski
Producer Tom Tobolski Publisher Tom Tobolski
Performance Tom Tobolski Label Tom Tobolski

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