Story Behind The Song

Just some of my observations over the years in relationships

Song Description

After you break up with someone, you always say lets be friends, but it never works out that way, you become strangers

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - Rock


The truth is that I've spent all day
Removing your face from picture frames
Todays the day I decided to breathe again
Because a smile on my face is the salt in your wounds
I've washed all my clothes of your scents are perfumes
Todays the day I decide to live again
But isnt this what you wanted?
A new start, a new lover

So we live our lives like complete stranger
Our awkward silences are becoming second nature
But I guess thats the danger of falling in love
Im singing songs to other girls
I know your in someone elses arms

So tell me love, is this what you wanted?
The heart you wore on your sleeve
Now you just flaunt it
And other boys compassion
Becomes your sense of fashion (you look so good)
The hole in my shirt is the heart in your hand
With a ransom note left with outrageous demands
You can never be happy
You can never be happy without me
But isnt that what you wanted?
A new start a new lover

Tonight, we'll trade our courage in for
Knives, to cut ourselves wide open
As we spill out guts what good is trust
When the love that we had has turned back to lust
And your heart that was golden turned to rust

Lyrics Tom Tobolski Music Tom Tobolski, Tyler Jaax, Evan Walmsley
Producer Tom Tobolski Publisher Tom Tobolski
Performance Tom Tobolski Label Tom Tobolski

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