The Use of Metaphors

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Story about a girl I dated

Song Description

When your first find true love in someone that you can get enough of

Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - Punk, Pop - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


The Use of Metaphors

Do you know when you first find true love
In someone that you cant get enough of?
Shes the first thing that you'll think of
When you wake up, when you wake up
Remember when you had your first kiss?
How everything just seemed so perfect
The night, her eyes, your smile
When you put your hand on her hips
And you leaned in for that first kiss

With something so perfect
What good are words for?
When nothing comes close I guess that I will speak in metaphors

Her hair smells like rain
From an Autumn day
Her kiss is like the ocean waves
That shine under the moonlight
Like the birds that fly into the sunrise
Its too beautiful for words

Lord did you know that an angel fell from Heaven
And shes lying next to me
And everynight before I sleep
Ill tie her wings back down to the bedsheets
I used to fall asleep
Thinking of the girl of my dreams
Now when I wake up
Shes the first thing that I see

Lyrics Tom Tobolski Music Tom Tobolski
Producer Tom Tobolski Publisher Tom Tobolski
Performance Tom Tobolski Label Tom Tobolski

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