The Red Letter Diaries formed in 2003 when Tom Tobolski and Mike Chambasian decided to do something a little different in the Milwaukee music scene. Mike and Tom formed an acoustic pop punk band and began playing shows and parties. It was apparent from the start that the duo have an uncanny sense of interplay and harmony, with a great ability to produce memorable songs.
Winning the Casio song writing competition in Milwaukee and releasing their first self titiled cd started to get them noticed around the area.
In May of 2005, The duo released their third album "Reflections." At the CD release show they packed a hall with hundreds of kids and sold all their CD's in less than an hour. Lyrically, Tom and Mike ask the questions all of us want to ask and give us the answers some of us may not want to hear. Musically, the pair weave a tapestry wrought from skilled guitar work and powerful vocals.
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