Beau Brummel

Story Behind The Song

Very English 1800-1825 in this concept.

Song Description

Beau Brummel was a fashion icon in Regency England,I wanted to try a piece that captured the mood of his era.Stately homes George the third and all things similar

Song Length 2:26 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Gracious, Charming Subject Famous People, Country, Nation
Language No Language Era 1800 - 1899

Classical is haughty and boring, right? Not if you listen to this! This is classical done the right way. The melody is lilting and lyrical (even though there are no words), and it conveys a feeling. This one sounds regal to me. The arrangement is clean as is the production...lots of room, space, and clarity. The arrangement is delightful and interesting with the simplicity of a few instruments broken with stanzas of a full orchestra. I think I'd like to sit through some more!

Wow really liked this for so many reasons. First I felt I was standing at a harbour's edge watching the ships out there, then the town comes to life and the ships are in port and being unloaded, and people are scurrying around, lots of action, the percussion really brings the liveliness and action to the piece. Nice job!

Beautiful Violins. Amazing sound you could play at a wedding.

I really like the way that the song started. I was impressed by the sound itself and the reverb used to make it start so well. Throughout the song there could have been more drops before the upend but overall I think you did a good job. Right when the strings part lead into the Fanfare drums and sounds I thought...Wow this would be great on TV or even a video game.

This started as a nice ditty, but then the other strings came in at 0:24 and the song gave me a whole different set of feelings. I love this style of classical music, and the regal sound gave me feelings of adventure. With that said, I could see this being used in an adventurous scene. It is such a well written piece, and I loved how you started off small and then ended big. Very enjoyable!

Had me from the beginning. Very beautiful strings!! The opening up of the middle section was very well done!!! Love the changes in instrumentation!!!!

I loved everything here

Good joyous writing...

Outstanding!!! Like an Irish Marketplace feel! Well done!

Nice one, would work good in some fantasy movie!

Nice folk feel.
Nice positive feel.

Performance MIKE HALLS
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