live performer/composer for film/tv/adverts for at least an aeon. Classically trained but love experimenting in most genres.
For me, music is the best expression of LIFE!
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Kevin Winkel
over 30 days ago to Diane RIDAEUS

Thanks Diane for the stars on "Firefly Dance". I always appreciate listeners taking the time to comment. By the way, I relate really well to your wonderful piano playing! - Kevin

over 30 days ago to Diane RIDAEUS

Thanks for your review of "Dark Momentum". I get a lot of insight from your thoughtful feedback. Truly appreciate it. I've been listening to your work while writing this. You've lullabyed me into a very pleasant and soothing spell. Have a great day and thanks again. Yuri

Hi Diane,
Thanks for the review of "Moods of Electra". I appreciate the time you spent listening and providing meaningful and helpful comments.

Your observation elate to category is good one, and I tend to agree with you. I'll update that.

Thanks again for the positive and helpful review!

Be and stay well,

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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