Different Sides Of The Tracks

Story Behind The Song

Rich girl,poor boy

Song Length 3:40 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Chicago
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I know a woman who's out to impress the whole damn neighborhood
I'd like to have a thing with her but I dont believe I could
She likes money, credit cards and cash
I'm a downtown boy she's an uptown woman
Wer'e different sides of the tracks

She lives in a fancy neighborhood where money grows on trees
Lives a life of luxury,gets anything she needs
She likes money,credit cards and cash
I'm a downtown boy she's an uptown woman
We're different sides of the tracks.

She shops around in fancy stores where she can pick and choose
Thousand dollar dresses and the most expensive shoes
She likes money,credit cards and cash.
I'm a downtown boy she's an uptown woman
we're different sides of the tracks

She drives a brand new cadillac while I got a broken down Ford
I wish I had the Caddy but thats something I cant afford
She likes money......etc

Downtown boy uptown woman....

Just Love it! kudos to all the players!

Really nice lead guitar playing. And, the fact that it sits so cleanly and clearly in the mix helps to elevate it even more. The rhythm section is also solid and provides a perfect canvas for the piece. the vocals sit in the mix nicely too. They are no frills, unadorned, and easy to understand.

Very well done and very authentic sounding blues. Somewhat reminiscent of Delbert Clinton. Nothing is overplayed, the groove is just right very tasty.

The very good structured arrangement, juicy organ, like guitars! Voice reminiscent of The Police.

Tom Waits would tap his feet to this song! The keyboards has his signature on them and that's just the start. It boogies, it has life, catchy riffs, and cleverly juxtaposed lines like "downtown boy, uptown woman, different sides of the tracks." Great conversational imagery of why she is just too damned expensive for him. If that isn't blues, I don't know what is!

Cool tune with great instrumentation which really helps keep it together nicely. Interesting lyrics and theme.

Lyrics Mike Halls Music Mike Halls
Producer Mike Halls Performance Mike Halls
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