Song Description

Written as a love story movie theme

Song Length 3:13 Genre Classical - Romantic, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Endearing, Blissful Subject Falling in Love, Relationship
Language No Language

Beautiful.......I could fall in love

Very romantic catchy melody and beautiful harmony, interesting theme development.

a lovely melodic piece here. romantic indeed, though IMO not true Classical, more easy listening, but lovely nontheless.

Absolutely gorgeous compostion and orchestration

This song is so soothing and romantic. Very nice to listen to.Great job1 Keep it up!!

This is such a well composed piece. It has a romantic feeling to it that would suggest a tender scene between two people falling in love. The warm string instruments give the song more depth and backup the piano very nicely.

This was well put together. I liked the build up in the middle, where the composition worked well. The tune was good enough, also quite a romantic piece. Some nice harmonies here, which fell together well. Key change worked well too. I think the composer is obviously experienced and knows how to write music. It reminded me of the sort of music you'd here playing in an expensive restaurant.

I really liked the slow introduction of the instruments that you have that comes in with the piano.Very easy listening. this could be used in a score of any movie or ad campaign. The more I listen to music at the movies or tv I hear a lot of the sounds from bj that could be easily used and this could be one

excellent music, great

Like the theme music of "The Notebook" type of romantic movie.

Very chill and nice melodies.

Very nice peace of art! The sound is very good and the piano line just amazing!

So romantic! Love it!

Performance MIKE HALLS
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Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter Georgia 5/7/2010
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