Song Length 4:52 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Relaxed Subject Regret
Language English


So far
My struggle's won me nothing but scars
It's been a losing battle from the start
And nobody's to blame
It's hard
When things that you have fought for fall apart
Time to turn back, but you don't have the heart
And you can't stand the shame

And now
The only thing that's left is to surrender
The only thing that's left is to surrender
The only thing that's left is to...

Carry on
Even though you know it's probably all wrong
You've been going the wrong way all along
But you can't turn back now
How can I
Admit what I believed in was a lie
When part of me would mu-ch rather die
And part of me just can't see how

The only thing that's left is to surrender (x3)

The dreams I had will not come true for me
But there will still be something - I can see
Bigger better things to come
All these lies
All these delightful things I should despise
If I can put them all to death then I can rise
The new life is a better one

So now
The only thing that's left is to surrender (x3)

The bass is the most outstanding thing in this song and gives it its most positive feature. The melody has potential and has a haunting appeal, which can tug at the heart-string of some listeners.

Lyrics Jon Stammers Music Jon Stammers
Performance Jon Stammers, Magnus Forrester-Barker, Rob Williams

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