Lovers Once

Story Behind The Song

With this song it was unusually the melody that came to me first. Quite melancholy. I wrote lyrics with a story to fit that melody. Not based on any personal experience at all actually - in fact I the only proper girlfriend I ever had is now my wife!

Song Description

Acoustic lovesong about a lost love and the awkwardness of a broken relationship you can no longer acknowledge.

Song Length 2:29 Genre Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Gloomy Subject Lost Love, Regret
Language English


Nobody would know that we were lovers once
Nobody would guess what we once were
Now when we're in the same place
You won't look me in the face
And now you are with him, and I'm with her

But it was love, real love that I had for you
Or at the time it felt just as strong
And though we don't talk now I still have not forgotten you
Even though it has been so very long

Casual acquaintances or friends of friends
That's the way we surely seem for all to see
I know it's awkward to discuss
what once was between us
But I wish you'd at least try to talk to me

It was love, real love, that you had for me
We were one, but somehow we got torn apart
Nobody would know how close we used to be
And I still have a little ache inside my heart

Guitar accompanyment is nice and harmonisation fits the melody well

Lyrics Jon Stammers Music Jon Stammers
Producer Jon Stammers Performance Vocals: Jon Stammers; Guitar: Magnus Forrester-Barker
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