Out Of America

Song Length 4:50 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Alternative


Bird and Kerouac
They hovered ?round my room
I never thought to ask them why
They?d always been there
I punched the clock
I turned the lock
Threw up my collar to the cold
And left them thee to die

So we took the bus downtown
Watched it snow, and walked around
Out where the city never lies
I should have seen it them
When things are never gonna be the same again
Maybe there was something in her eyes
I should have seen it in there

Falling out of America
Falling out of control
Falling out of the incidental ecstasy
Into the open arms
Of someone else?s soul, going home
Going home

And for the hundredth time
I try to write this book of mine
And for the hundredth time, I fall
The words are never there
The phrases for the cold blank stares
Past all of the writing on the wall

So, we took the last train out
Packed her things and headed south
Where nobody knows the things we?ve been
We watched the country fly
Through the window
Like a movie, rollin? by
I thought we?d seen it all back then
When we were..

{Repeat Chorus}

And I was lost in New York
I was lost in time
I was lost in the streets of my hometown
Now, I?m moving forward
I?m moving for her
Always breaking glass
Without a sound at all

Bird and Kerouac
Still hover, ?round my room
I never welcomed them in
But it looks like they?re here again
They haunt me like a dream
Where nothing?s ever gonna be the way it seems
And you?d have thought they?d seen it all back then
When they were..

{Repeat Chorus}

Lyrics Robert BlindDog Cook Music Robert BlindDog Cook
Producer Robert BlindDog Cook Publisher 2006 Genesis House Publishing - BMI, All Rights Reserved
Performance BlindDog World Headquarters

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