04 LIVE - Double Wide Love Song

Song Length 5:19 Genre Folk - General, Country - General


He came from out there in West Texas
He was some kind of high school star
In a town where everybody
Knows just who, and what, you are
But then he moved into the city
Found some drunkards and a bar
And he stayed in there,
Until the town could live without him

You know, she came from someplace different,
But not so far removed
She was looking for a lover
She was searching for the truth
But when the truths all sounded crazy,
And the lovers, they did too
Well, she said, ?I do,
But I don't know much about him.?

But you and I, we're not like that
With our savior fair, and our two room flat
We're never going out like that
God, please forgive them
There's just so much more on our minds,
The daily news, the daily grind,
And self help books, for peace of mind
To, at least, outlive them

So they found themselves a little place
For just a little down
In the spacious, Blue Moon trailer park
On the highway, out of town
At night they prayed for something different
When no one was around
But that was just a side
That no one knew about them

She was always in the kitchen
Although she rarely cooked a meal
He had his room of gridiron memories
Those glory days out on the field
One day the conversations ended,
And they both wondered, ?What's the deal??
But, then they just grew old,
And learned to live without them

{Repeat Chorus}

What could drive a man to do it?
How could a life become so hard,
To place a plastic, pink flamingo,
In a freshly mown front yard?

But you and I, we're not like that
With our SUVs, and our pure bred cat
You know, we're never going out like that,
And that's what keeps us strong
So many ladders that we have to climb
To get our daily dose of the daily grind,
But somewhere in the back of all our busy minds
I know we all can sing along

To a double-wide love song
A double-wide love song
So, God bless this home
...on wheels

Lyrics Robert BlindDog Cook Music Robert BlindDog Cook
Producer BlindDog World Headquarters Publisher 2006 Genesis House Publishing - BMI, All Rights Reserved

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