01 LIVE - Suzanne

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - General, Folk - General


Who said
I ever wanted you?
You know all the facts
And stacks of lies
That we?ve been through
Who said
That there?s a remedy for this?
Salvation only follows
Betrayal with a kiss

And all your childhood memories
Have fallen from their branches
Like watercolor mysteries
In cases without latches
That anyone can steal
And call their own, at will
Suzanne, I think it?s time we laid low

You came
Out of your shell somewhere in your teens
Stole your name from some Leonard Cohen song
But you still wonder what it means
So you ran
Down any given empty street
You were so unaware
Of the strangers there
You left on their knees, completely beat

And all that ancient history
Burns like a book of matches
Leaving only you and me
For sweeping away these ashes
That anyone can steal
And call you theirs at will
Suzanne, I think it?s time we laid low

When you said
You never wanted me at all
You know you were lying
You were only trying
To make me fall
And so, I used up
All of my very best lines
But you?ve heard them all before
Maybe they were more
For effect at the time

And all my childhood memories
Are black and whites of you and me
And some entries in you diary
That you thought no one would read
But that anyone could steal
And call you out at will
Suzanne, I think it?s time we said goodbye for real
Suzanne, I think it?s time we laid low

Lyrics Robert BlindDog Cook Music Robert BlindDog Cook
Producer BlindDog World Headquarters Publisher 2006 Genesis House Publishing - BMI, All Rights Reserved

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