Drive Me To Drinkin'

Song Length 4:28 Genre Country - General


Drive Me To Drinking

Well, I showed up on her doorstep
With flowers in my hand
She said, ?Let?s take a walk
We need to talk
And I hope you understand.?
She told me I deserve much better
Than the woman that she?s been
Now, somehow, that translated
To her seeing other men

And she just left me on the corner
And vanished in thin air
I held up my hand, to hail a cab
Just to get me outta there
Then he looked over his shoulder
And he said, ?How do you do?
Well, My name?s Mac, friend
Just sit back
And, where ya going to??

And I said
Just drive me to drinking
Anywhere it?s being done
Where there?s a jukebox blasting
And no one asking
?Don?t you think you?ve had enough there, son?
Just drive me to drinking
And you can take off for the night
?Cause I ain?t going home now, buddy
Until I see the light
Of another day

So he stopped me off, at this little place
Up just a couple blocks
A Miller High-life sign
And fiddles whinin?
And Willie on the jukebox
So I walked across that dance floor
And sat down on a stool
I looked down the bar
And there you are
Ya got a dozen other fools

Who?ve done said
{Repeat Chorus}

It?s OK
Sometimes, life just works out that way

Well, it was just a few weeks later
And I?m driving home from work
Feeling down on my luck
Cussin? traffic
With all them other jerks
And he was standing on the corner
With his thumb up in the air
It was my old friend Mac
Who saved me back
When she left me standing there

I said, ?Hey man, how ya doing??
He said, ?Lately, it?s been hard
I came home today
And all my things
Were just thrown out in the yard
That woman just kept screamin?
I don?t think she?ll ever stop
I guess it?s time to call the whole thing off
Before someone calls the cops
So just drive me to drinking.?
A sad look came on his face
I said, ?Alright Mac
Man, just sit back
?Cause I know just the place

And he said
{Repeat Chorus}

Lyrics Robert BlindDog Cook Music Robert BlindDog Cook
Publisher 2006 Genesis House Publishing - BMI, All Rights Reserved Performance BlindDog World Headquarters

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