03 LIVE - Last Chance Diner

Song Length 5:37 Genre Folk - General, Pop - General


It?s midnight at the Last Chance Diner
The waitress smiles, as she brings the waffles by
She has a smoke
And remembers a day when she looked finer
But anyway, she really doesn?t want to catch
Those late night trucker?s eyes
And in no time at all
She?ll head for home
To pictures of a grandchild
She?s never really known
She?ll fall asleep on the couch
With the TV on

Where the man says
He knows Jesus
So much better than
Any one of us
But she?s too busy dreaming
To believe him

It?s the Last Chance Diner
The sea of faces
The same old story
From so many different places
It?s the last chance

Two cops come in for coffee, looking tired
It reminds me that my plates have just expired
They talk like no one can be trusted
And laugh about some kid they busted
Man, He didn?t know what hit him, at the time
And when the shift is over
They just high-five and go
With wives asleep
It?s a bite to eat,
And Girls Gone Wild on video
Protect and serve the people
That you know

But they never
Tip the waitress
Who?s working late
At the Last Chance
Who goes out of her way
Just to please them

{Repeat Chorus}

I?m sitting here at the Last Chance Diner
With my notebook, in a corner booth
Writing down the lines I won?t remember
And some lies that just might serve as deeper truth
And in no time at all
I?ll have to go
Back to the highway, and the radio
Clear channel up from Mexico

Where the man says
He knows Jesus
So much better than
Any one of us
But right now, I?ve got no reason
For leaving

{Repeat Chorus}

Lyrics Robert BlindDog Cook Music Robert BlindDog Cook
Producer BlindDog World Headquarters Publisher 2006 Genesis House Publishing - BMI, All Rights Reserved
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