The Pearl Fishers

Story Behind The Song

How a pearl id made.

Song Description

Amusing - making pearls seen from the oyster's point of view

Song Length 3:25 Genre Classical - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Delighted
Subject Fun, Comedy, Funny Era 2000 and later


Down in the South Sea an oyster lay,
he was not very happy that day.
"Pinctata Maxima" was his name,
but he didn't know of his fame.

A grain of sand had skipped in to stay,
it stuck and would not go away,
it bothered him and it itched and it hurt,
he wished he'd been more alert

A pearl, he sighed, he had always tried
to flush out things that dried
on his soft and sensitive mollusk skin
and now he had let one in.

The only thing that could ease the pain
was to coat, again and again,
the fleck of salt with his oyster slime
which, with time, made a pearl sublime.

The pearl fishers came and went below
where the oysters lay on show,
the fisher who found him was just a boy
who liked to sing, and his joy

when he saw the pearl's magnificence;
so smooth and so immense.
Made him rise out of the Southern sea
singing, 'Now I shall be free"

It might have been white, even black as night,
but it was a lovely pink and might
have graced a golden ring
on the hand of a queen or a king.

The pearl fishers got a heap of gold
when the giant pearl was sold,
the finder of "Pinctata Maxima"
went on to sing at the opera.

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Christina Linda Lyons
Producer Christina Linda Lyons Publisher Christina Linda Lyons
Performance David Lyons
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