Marietta Lullaby

Story Behind The Song

A loving parent putting child to bed. I think it is very important to say and sing reassuring, gentle lullabys for little children, to let them fall asleep thinking happy thoughts.

Song Description

Trolls in caves, fairies in flowers, mermaids in the sea sing lullabys for their little ones, ,maybe they sing about us as we sing about them.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Unique - Children, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Endearing Subject Happiness, Love for Child
Era 2000 and later



Now the sun sinks down west,
time for little ones to rest.
Even in the books we've read,
little children go to bed.

Little trolls sleep snug and warm
in their cave away from harm.

Tra la la

If a troll wakes up and cries
mama troll sings lullabies.

Tiny flower fairies creep
into flowers where they sleep,
rocking gently in the breeze
under the protecting trees.

Mermaids underneath the deep
sing their little ones to sleep,

tra la la

whales above them swim up high
like the clouds in our sky.

Maybe fairy tale mamas
make up stories about us,
tell their little ones how we
live here in reality:

how I tuck you into bed,
close the book that we have read,
sing for you and kiss good night,
kiss again and say sleep tight.

Children need to know they are safe and loved especially when they are sleeping. The words repeat this important theme throughout the song. This is a nice lullaby. Very sweet. Kate you are a master children's songwriter. Makes me want to be a child again. The guitar is sufficient instrumentation. The soloist adds a perfect vocal tough to this song. The humming is the background towards the end of the song adds a great touch as the song softly fades out.

A really great night-night song for the little ones. Soothing and super smooth lead and background vocals. The production is all spot on and the guitar work is perfect for this piece. This song supports it's theme with the perfect lyric and an even better delivery of those words. A great kids number here.

Nice song will be good for a childrens tv show. Nice vocals and lyrical content.

I am positively enchanted by this sweet, original lullaby. You sang it like a real lullaby, gentling out your voice at the end as the child goes to sleep. Extremely wonderful. Love your young, innocent sounding voice, even with its few catchy spots, it comes across as so warm and real. Love the different "creature features". Achieving originality is a difficult task for a lullaby writer, but you get 5 stars in my opinion. Oh, and I love the beautiful guitar playing and simple introduction and enchanting harmonies.

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Chad Kinsey Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Loretta Bulieux Label Birthe Noer Myers

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