Story Behind The Song

Song Length 5:52 Genre Classical - Post-Romantic, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Poignant Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Excellent! I automatically dreamed away far away, listening to this :)

Love dark and sad mood of the piece.
Harmony is a big contributor to that.
Love violin (beautiful short tremolo find at 2:49) and bass clarinet's solo.
Love effective string pedals starting at 2:02 and glissando at 5:11.

Definitely will listened to your other offerings.

Nice composition and production. Great feeling, the piano is well executed and the violin add perfectly. Excellent!!

Wow! What a wonderful, captivating track. Deep, slightly dark with great instrumental vocalizations, balance, suspense, delivery. Very well produced. Great use of harmonization! The piece builds well and then draws back very well. If it was produced using midi, it sounded like a live orchestra! Fantastic!

Very soothing and relaxing composition.

Very soothing feel, then it brings you up and softly brings you back to the right spot.

I love it. It remeinds me of an inportant part in a movie!I like how the beginning puts you in the mood of the song before it even builds up. Good job

very french - a little bit Satie, nice and green geenie

a really lovely, inspiring, emotionally stirring and creative musical track that brings wonderful imagery to mind even without the cinematic treasures it may someday be used to enhance. Bravo, my friend.

I love the intro to this song, it literally made me lean forward in my chair. This piece seems to tell a story to me about lost love and recovery.

A wonderful composition and performance! I loved the blending of traditional and modern sensibilities in your writing approach. The players really brought the emotion out of the score, a credit tot eh piece itself and whoever directed it. I felt every note. The piano and strings complemented each other perfectly. The piece held my interest the entire time. I hope you are publishing your music as this was a very mature and moving.

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