Little Spring Snow Leftovers

Song Length 4:20 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Blissful Subject Love at First Sight
Language English Era 2000 and later

Interesting intro and vocal melody in the lyric

I love it, it's different, catchy, the beat kept me guessing. the switch ups were nice, very unique style. reminds me of a pop like feel, but a new pop like feel, the lyrics make me listen to try to get what your talking about, it would definitely make money listen more than once.

Very good, nearly mesmerizing song. Definitely shades of Stevie Nicks here. Fantastic vocals and very good arrangement and instrumentation. Really good job.

Great sound, great instrumentation. It has kind of a mythical sound to it with the different instruments and the percussion. It ebbs and flows well, giving it nice variety and making it enjoyable to listen to all the way through. The vocals and the backup vocals worked very well together and gave it a modern sound while overall still sounding a little "other-worldly".

Nice rhythm starting us off here, vocals are beautiful. Changes later on with the metal guitar coming in in the background, very very nice. Vocals are absolutely scintillating here. Great percussion/instrumentation in general here. Reminds me of Kate Bush/Tori Amos mixed with Evanescense and a splash of Dixie Chicks for a nice mix! This is great going back for another listen.. Did I hear some Oboe? Love it :) So many sources being drawn from here to give something truly original and excellent. Full marks, best of luck!

Interactíon of the vocal parts very high quality.Pro arrangement and recording .zola jesus ?

Excellent harmonies....and the song has its own character. Reminded me of stevie nicks..nostalgic feel...pretty awesome..

I liked the multi-layered vocals and there is a satisfying kick of heavy guitar in there in parts.

The song style reminded me of 'Tool' or 'A Perfect Circle' with maybe a hint of 'Florence & The Machine'.

Nice sounding drums and good use of panning in the recording. Nice harp (or harp sounding?) effects.

Lyrics Anita Andreis Music Anita Andreis
Publisher Clever Trick Music Publishing
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