little Angel

Story Behind The Song

A love song, could be country faith , could be talking about his love.

Song Length 2:45 Genre Country - Contemporary, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Light Similar Artists Flordia / GA line
Language English

Mike always brings the song home

I can see a market value for this song. It
Is well done and tells a good story. Good instrumentation.

I enjoyed listening to this song. it had a nice feel too it. The vocal and musical arrangements were both well done. The lyrics flowed well throughout the whole song. It's definitely a song that could be used in a Soundtrack. It was an ideal play length, and kept my attention throughout. Nicely done.

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Galen Breen
Producer Galen Breen Performance Alan
Label Bmi
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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