You Want Love

Story Behind The Song

Thinking about friends and friendship, and how friends sometimes come and go as "they" please... we all need 'em, but also need more than just a friend!!!! We need, we want LOVE.

Song Description

Sometimes you need more than just friendship - you want Love - the Real 'thang'. friends come and go as "they" please... need 'em, but also need more than just a friend!!!!

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Enchanting Subject Loneliness, Relationship
Similar Artists John Legend, The Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


You Want Love - Mark S. Ludes (remix 2012)
Friends are great and friends can be loved, but often times friends arent enough.
There comes the time when you really need love,
And friendship is great but it's not enough.
You need love - that gives you that feeling, You need love- with that special touch.
You want love - really true love
You want unconditional love.

You hear that friends are forever but thats not always true.
They come and they go as they please.
But we all have our friends, cant do without, that's something I truly believe.
But its not love - the kind that you need
Its not that love - that makes you complete
You need love - that gives you that feeling
You want unconditional love.
You need love..

Sometimes that love is not the kind that you need,
You need a love that makes you complete
You need love, that gives you that feeling,
You want unconditional love.
You Want Love, you need love,
you want love......

This song has some interesting features. I felt like I was listening to a Queen song that refused to go up-tempo, but the harmonies were very nice and the overall keyboard sound was lush and rich. Definitely a fun listen throughout.

I really wanted to like, love this song. Got my attention right away; which most songs don't do. Yeah, you cut through the sonic clutter. The vocals were effortless, fit the song, had good prosody, and felt warm, natural. All the instruments felt spot on. Good mix, all good.

Nice opening, piano parts are very strong. Very good harmonies the whole thing works nicely as the instruments chosen work well with the theme. Song I think really would have a home on the big screen, it is happy yet a strong meaning with it. Well recorded the instruments are well defined and come through nicely in the recording without one thing dominating too much

enjoyed this...quite sweeping 'anthem' into which was nice. nice piano work.

awesome, good work , keep it up, good sound track song,
get a pro review

Lyrics Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Music Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
Producer Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Publisher Mudlee Music
Performance Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Label N/A
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