Back in the Austin/Round Rock area!!
Gonna hang with my brother Larry Brown for the rest of it.
We will be launching a podcast in the next few months that should prove "interesting" if nothing else.
It will be mostly about music and poking fun at things that should be poked !!!!!

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The Brown Brothers Band has been performing all across the south for the past 50 years. We are currently based out of the Austin area. Please visit our "Events" page for upcoming dates and venues. To see the last time all four brothers performed together, go to our "links" page and click on the brown brothers link.


The Brown Brothers Band is available for bookings now !!

Brown Brothers Band

The Brown Brothers Band has been performing throughout the southeast for 50+ years. Early years were in the Mississippi Delta from Memphis down to New Orleans. Moving across I-20 into east Texas. Longview, Tyler, Dallas. Ya'll see where I'm goin'. Goin' on down to Houston and Galveston gaining notoriety via KIKK radio with a version of Long Tall Texan and tearin' up Galveston Island like Hurricane Alicia before moving down into S Florida and up to Myrtle Beach. Now based out of Austin ready to rock you up!!

About Larry

Larry Brown has been many players in the world of music from lead and backup vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards. Now being the smartest of the bunch, Larry presided over 99.9 % of the booking and buisness dealings with not only the band but with the bars and restaurants as well.
On the off stage side he is a master electrician while also mixing it up with local groups around SE and central Texas including The Line Up, Gold Rush Mountain Band and Guns and Oil.
Recently reconstituted, Larry and younger brother Bobbe are performing in the Austin area as a duo.

About Bobbe

Bobbe started his career in 1965 with The Brown Brother's Band. They played up and down US 61 from Memphis to New Orleans for 4 years. Disbanding and going their separate ways, Bobbe moved to NE Texas, where he started working studios at the age of 20. While at Robin Hood Brian's Studio in Tyler, TX, he met Mickey Gilley whom he later played guitar for in Pasadena, TX. While there, he played many recording sessions, including 1981 Grammy award winning Best Country Instrumental of the Year for "Orange Blossom Special" performed by Gilley's Urban Cowboy Band. After leaving the Gilley organization, he reunited with his brothers (Jimi, Larry and Johnny) in Galveston, TX to reform the Brown Brothers Band.

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Bobbe! Welcome to Broadjam! You'll have a lot of fun on here! Thanks for the review of "Train On The Track". Can't wait to listen to your band! Catnip=+=

Thanks for the awesome review of "What Kind Of Love" Bobbe! As for the recording session it was just 1 drummer, 1 guitarist who doubled on bass and all guitar parts, my guest female singer and me on backing vocals. Glad you liked it!

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Bobbe Brown / Larry Brown
over 30 days ago

very well done

Thanks so much Bobbe for your outstanding, perfect score review of Song: B 04. Déjà vu Doo ft Leslie Sahlen. Very much appreciated.

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