You Make Everything Alright

Song Description

Finding, holding on to, and enjoying being with that special person who makes it all "alright".

Song Length 3:05 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Glad Subject Happiness
Similar Artists Cat Stevens Language English
Era 2000 and later


'You Make Everything Alright'
© words and music by Mark S. Ludes (MSL)

Will you be there at night, to kiss and hold me tight
Will you be there in the morning, to kiss me, kiss me goodbye
Will you tell me you'll miss me, when I'm away.
Just tell me you love me and make, and make my day.

Are you gonna be with me until, we're old and grey?
Promise me you'll be there, to always, to always say,
Say that you love me more and more, each and every day
Ditto from me, I'll show you, show you the way.

Yes, you make everything alright.
Your touch, your kiss and a sweet goodnight.
Forget my troubles, forget any cares
'Cos you make everything alright.

Over time, we may change, and we may differ, on some things
But together we can overcome.

In a world that gets so crazy, nice to have a hand to hold.
I know when things get tough, you're there, where I can go.
Just knowing you'll be there, just knowing that you care,
Life's so much better, 'cos you made me, made me aware.

And you make everything alright.
Your touch, your kiss and a sweet goodnight
Forget my troubles, forget my cares,
'Cos you make everything alright.
'Cos you make everything seem right
'Cos you make everything alright.

Lots of songs have the "you made my life so much better" message. How about another one? What if a really hooky tune is tossed in? Those bouncy, lovely tunes that Lobo, America, and Firefall used to write? Now you're talkin'! The melody is the real selling point of this song. The folky guitars have a wonderful rhythmic strum, a sweet orchestration joins in later, and so what if you've heard the same kind of lyrics before? You'll find yourself singing along with that lovely bouncy tune this fine songwriter has put together!

A light easy listening pop/rock song. Great acoustic guitar tones pairs well with the singer's vocals. I enjoyed the doubling of the vocals in a few parts. Added depth and really enhanced the feel of the song. Solid performance and production.

Very upbeat and cheerful tune. Nice arrangement and great vocal tone. The acoustic feel is great for this piece. Really good bridge.

I love the cheerful, upbeat tone of this song. It's an easygoing love song, sung with sincerity and infused with joy. The instrumentation/production is excellent. The vocal is clear and honest. Nice harmonies. Excellent job on the bridge. Favorite rhyme: care/aware. This would be a nice song for a wedding or a wedding anniversary.

basically a nice song reminds me of Poco a little when they just started out! Great Subject

I like the vocals and the lyrics. The instruments are very good. The harmonies were nice.

I really liked the song. It has a nice flow to it. Very nice instrumentation. Great clarity on the vocals. The song flies by and you're always wanting to hear more.

The instrumentation was pleasant and fit the mood of the theme. The feeling of the song was sublime and positive. Articulation was clear and succinct. The length was appropriate for air play. Structure seemed to be: V-C-B-V-C-Tag.

love the tight harmony when it comes in. overall pitch of vocals is nice.

All the string inst, have a nic sound - almost sounds like a 12 string. Love 3 note descending pattern.

Lyrics Mark S Ludes (MSL) Music Mark S Ludes (MSL)
Producer MSL Publisher Mudlee Music
Performance MSL
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