My Voice

Story Behind The Song

Frustration over losing someone and not being able to express yourself the way you would like to. The right words just don't seem to come...

Song Description

Have a few listens... it'll come to ya!

Song Length 5:07 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Regret
Language English Era 2000 and later


'My Voice' © Mark S. Ludes (MSL) 2018
(alternate title: 'Where are you now?'

I'm sorely disappointed, in the way that I now feel.
Wish I had that love I lost, the one I thought was real.
But, I think I have a reason, and I found someone to blame.
But, it does me no good, to simply complain.

Got to get it all together - I'm working at it real hard.
But, it doesn't seem much better, at least not so far.
I hope that what I say can somehow bring her back.
Want to tell her just how I feel, but it's the words I lack.

So my voice - where are you now?
Have you gone and left me - left me somehow?
I'm thinking about the words - what I'd like to say.
But, my voice is silent. Will it come back someday?

Short Bridge: instrumental...

Asking why I had to go through, just what I did?
But, that's all history. It is just what it is.
I really need to move on and work to make it right.
Got to keep my spirits up and just stay in the fight.

Chorus repeat:
And so my love - where are you now?
Moved on and left me - left me without?
Guess that I can only - only hope and pray.
Pray that you'll come back, back to me and stay.
my love.... where are you now?
my voice love, where are you now?
.... My Voice / My Love...........

Here's a really pretty "love lost" song. It's a stream of consciousness...the guy is trying to figure out how/why he lost the girl and keeps asking questions, which really don't have an answer. On the other hand, he could be asking, "Why did I lose my voice" (which doesn't make sense, because he's still singing.) Favorite lyric and rhyme: "... just what I did? But, that's all history. It is just what it is." Clever use of a common phrase in the song. The instrumentation is really smooth in this song. Nice job on the production. There are some beautiful harmonies in this song!

Lyrics Mark S. Ludes (MSL) Music Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
Producer MSL Publisher Mudlee Music Publishing
Performance MSL w/ Dave Hogue piano and strings Label PL
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