Bass/Synth player - new to the writing game. Stuck in a time warp due to influences (80's) and old kit (Korg Trinity etc). My songs on here are not the finished article but purely a tool to put them out there for other people to record - ie. demo's - the dream is to have a hit single as a writer. I am striving to write a big ballad that the likes of Christina Aguilera would record, but also enjoy trashy pop songs that are catchy (and rubbish according to musical snobs!) and could be commercially viable in europe (less likely in the US). I also strive to write something that artists like Rihanna could record.

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In recent times I have re-discovered my love for the saxaphone:- my father played sax and I have tried to emulate how real sax players play when putting together a tune on my synth at home. Purists will hate the artificial sax sound, but I am really enjoying getting the tunes together. Besides I am working with real sax players to get my tunes re-recorded with the real deal!

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In recent years I have been playing with a rock-blues band here on the Costa del Sol. After that amount of time I have now opted to go for somethIng new.......

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I grew up on the Isle of Wight. As a child I learnt piano to grade IV, then took up the bass guitar after becoming addicted to the talents of fellow Isle of Wight bass player Mark King. I have played in a couple of live bands, but neglected my passion for music for many years and have only just recently picked up where I left off. Nowadays I am torn between the keyboard and the bass, but strive to combine the two successfully. My musical tastes and influences vary widely, from the Canadian rock trio Rush, to Scritti Politti, to Celine Dion, to The System. All have one thing in common:- lush production! I'm a huge fan of 'sound' itself - some sounds can move me to tears just by themselves, especially the modern ethereal synths out there.

I have recently been able to record my music through the purchase of a couple of bits of technology - a digital Tascam pc interface that miraculously enables me to record directly into the pc - including vocals! My weak point is my voice - I am no singer although I can almost hold a tune. If my demo's could be sung by a powerful female vocal I would be very happy.


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Hey Nigel, I see you reviewed my instrumental Road Rage. This was actually a cool beat to make and really never been heard by real professionals. Everybody got their own option, glad your option don't count. It's like you just wrote them a bunch of words. Be Cool!

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Nigel Barrett

Hi Nigel, Thanks for your review of Like A Diamond and for your constructive comments. I take your point about the early chorus. In this case, the song was written to be performed to Cliff Richard on his Diamond Showbiz Jubilee, hence the story buildup and lots of choruses at the end for his fans to sing to him. Unfortunately, I was runner-up in the selection process so it never did get performed! I will certainly consider your advice if I get around to rehashing it at some stage.
Much appreciated.

Hi Nigel , thanks for reviewing TIME IS ON MY SIDE . A few conflicting scores that didn't match up with the comments , but never mind . I can't be blamed (or take credit) for the song itself , but i wish i was the writer . It's actually a cover of a Rolling Stones song from 1963 . If I remember correctly it was their first hit in America , think it made number 6 in the charts .
Mind you , I was always more of a Beatles man myself .
Take Care ,
Phil .

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