I am a composer and producer of contemporary and new age classical/ electronic music.

My Broadjam portfolio hasn't been updated in a while as I've been very busy with the day job in the live events industry. In the next few weeks however I hope to finish and upload quite a few new pieces. I hope you enjoy them!

Any questions please get in touch, and I often have alternate mixes available. I can also re-work pieces when necessary.


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*24/10/11* 'Loco' is currently sitting on the following charts:
Classical - Contemporary
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United Kingdom

Thanks for listening!!
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David Michael Walsh
over 30 days ago to Metzop

Good luck on being considered for the opportunity, Orchestral Tracks with Piano: Needed for publishing consideration,
nice piece Breathe


David Michael Walsh

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over 30 days ago

Thanks, and best of luck to you too!

Brad Roseborough
over 30 days ago to Metzop

Thank you so much for your recent review! It was very helpful! You mention that I could use a higher quality sound library. I use the Vienna Symphony library, which is the best I've heard, but I have a limited subset of the larger library, and am missing a lot of articulations. Perhaps that might be an issue? I am also not that well-versed in the finer points of MIDI controls beyond the basis ones. So I will look more into that. If there is a higher quality sound library that you are using, or are familiar with, I would be curious to know what it is. Thanks again! You are a big help.

Jim Covington
over 30 days ago to Metzop

thank you for your review.... will enjoy following your musical careers....

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