Worship Leader, singer, songwriter, composer. I've been singing and playing music pretty much my whole life. Pure rock tenor back in the day. I can't scream Ian Gillian any more, but I still get along OK. Studied voice and vocal music for many years. Kept singing and playing over the years while working in corporate America. Got into teaching voice 11 years ago and I still do that. Also been playing guitar since I was a kid, but didn't really get serious at that until about 8 years ago.

Got involved in music ministry in the late '90s, and since 2004, I've been a full-time musician and worship leader. I get to write songs that tell people about God. I've also composed and orchestrated music for the musical stage. Full-length musicals. I love that. I'm amazed every day by God's grace.


Brad Roseborough
over 30 days ago to Brad Roseborough

Hey all! Hope you're having a great Saturday. I just posted some new music. Would be great if you could give a listen when you can. Thanks!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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