Composer, Songwriter, Producer with focus on top quality material.
Owner of Baltic Recording Studio - high end recording facility.
Berklee College of Music, Boston MA US - 82, Conservatory, Copenhagen Denmark - 91
Recording and live performing artist pro. since 84,
3 times grammy award nominee, TV theme and score writer.
Appearing on over 250 recordings.

Mejlvang Bio engelsk,3d. person

Jesper Mejlvang was born 1963 in Denmark, Scandinavia. He was in love with music from the first day of his life, and will be for the rest of it to. He went straight to Berklee College og Music in 82, right after graduating Holte Gymnasium (famous high school with strong focus on music). Graduated from The Danish Conservatory of Rythmic Music - Copenhagen in 91. Being a touring and recording musician for two decades has given Mejlvang a strong and unik nowledge that he uses in his composing and when producing. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 and is credited for over 200 songs. At the turn of the mellinium Jesper Mejlvang decided to focus his musical career on composing and producing - this leading to establishing the recording facility Baltic Recording Studio, that typical for Mejlvang is remote located in the must beatyful surroundings overlooking the baltic sea. Doing the right thing, sometimes the opposite of everyone else, is in a way the essence of Jesper Mejlvang - if it doesn't hold water all the way, it's not of interest to him. "Life is to short for the wrong compromises. Maybe this is why he didn't fell ready as a performing singer/songwriter until now. But after gaining all the experience that he has both writing and performing, the time was right and the first album of Mejlvang the singer/songwriter is ready for release.As with everything else around Mejlvang, it is a supersounding heartwarming feetstumping tailwacking albumlove of music. His music is the most important thing, and given the right opportunities he will make it all the way.

Mejlvang airplay, Engelsk

Mejlvang is often played on the radio, last newcommer is his top rotation "When Fear Is Over". His music is a happy marriage of radio, giving him a powerfull marketing tool. The strong side of this radio-appeal is the diversity of his style and expression. Mejlvang give you both powerfull uptempos and breathtaking ballads in crossover genres of pop/country/singersongwriter.His Scandinavian background is both interesting and assuring thus reaching out to a broad variety of radio listeners.

Mejlvang accomplishments

Mejlvang has been a renowned pro musician since 84, touring and recording with top artists all over Scandinavia and northern Europe. He has been writing and producing since the early nineties and is a three time Danish grammy award nominee. He co-wrote and produced the multiplatinum hit Scandinavian band "Dances With Boys" and "One O One". Other accomplishments include Best Keyboardplayer (95), Best New Band (86), and working with business celebrities as Bruce Swedien (Nils Landgren,"Red Horn")

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David Michael Walsh
over 30 days ago to Mejlvang

Good luck with being considered for: Orchestral Tracks with Piano: Needed for publishing consideration.

Have you had any other placements with broadjam?

Thanks, Sincerely,,
David Michael Walsh

gordon chapman
over 30 days ago to Mejlvang

just listened to fieri. what a uplifting piece! film scoring demo is perfect.

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over 30 days ago

Thank you Gordon, I appreciate your feedback.
All the best,

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