Marni is an established performer with a rock'n'roll past. She played with many Melbourne bands as a songwriter/bass player but these days performs playing mandolin, accordion & guitar. Marni has been a finalist in ASA Comp 2008 and 2009, Austin (Texas) Songwriter's comp 2008 and Unisong International Song Comp 2009. Her work appears on Akoustica Vol 16 US compilation album released June 2009, Trad & Now Compilation (Pick of the Crop 2008), Neil Young's Living with War Today website, and Australian Primary School Singbook 2008. Her second album INSIDE STORIES was recorded by Mark Woods, whose sound mixing credits include Tina Turner, Men at Work, The Models & In Excess. See more on

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Have put up a new version of The Face...similar but somehow not. Hmmm...The Face made it to No. 1 in Folk/Rock and the top ten in Australian songs. Previous top tens In the Wind ( Jazz Lounge), Little Red Bird (Country/Bluegrass), Peace & Quiet Blues (blues, country blues and australian top tens).

album reviews

REVIEWS for 'Inside Stories'

'Overall this album is much more polished as Sheehan seems much more confident in her song writing....Listening to and owning this album is highly recommended'
Chris Spencer
May 07

'This album contains some real masterpieces'
Country Startpage (Netherlands)
July 07

'Marni Sheehan's 'Lonesome Blues'....a perfectly constructed blues piece. Marni can write a great story-song, such as the outlaws on the run tale of 'True Hearts'. The Irish fiddle and mandolin laced 'Rambling Rose & the Gardener of Love' is also a credit to Marni'.
Trad & Now June 07

REVIEWS for 'Critters & Specimens'

"Marni finds the soul in all the tunes on the release. She lifts the listener up and gently rocks them..............blends the folk tradition with a hint of country and a pop sensibility that make the tracks accessible to both folk purists and those who are more interested in pop music".
Dennis Halsey Oct 2004

"Marni Sheehan is a real writer. Her songs are all substantial, they're real stories not just cute ideas spun out over three minutes"
Art Streams Magazine Oct 2004

"Marni has gathered a rich and varied combination of musicians and instruments to support her nostalgically fresh collection of original songs...........Sheehan's jugband and blues-rock background is fully represented in the layers behind the humour, candour, depth and simplicity to be found in her poignant lyrics"
Folk Alliance Newsletter Sep 2004 .

"Some of the lyrics are surprisingly dark compared with the sweet melody and relaxed presentation.......a thought provoking album"
Country Music Capital News Jan 05

not just folk

started out in the folk scene playing mostly old timey/Appalachian music - loved Doc Watson, Dock Boggs, Clarence Ashley etc. Moved into bands - Gutbucket Jug Band, Tinsley Waterhouse (r &b), Scarlet (originals) The Cosmetics (punk), The Eskalators (soul) Smith & Western, Honky Tonk Angels (country), The Gringo Stars (salsa), Lola's Lost Weekend (r & B). Back to acoustic music with Lola's Delight, then solo/trio work and The Fabulous Croakers.

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