Started out a long time ago when life was in black and white and colour was something you did or didn't have in your cheeks.
Played around the clubs and pubs (Gerry "Baker Street" Rafferty showed me how to open tune a guitar and Billy Connolly bought a second hand string from me for his banjo for two shillings (Yeh I know what are shillings). Since the discovery of the internet I have been lucky enough to have had hundreds of radio plays from around the world (not sure how large their audiences are though) with a number one in South Carolina and album of the week in Belgium and Holland.--- now just waiting on that phone call coming.

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The GLG Band is the most succssesfull band in history with over 2 billion record sales and their 9th world tour just completed----zzzz wake up Dorothy you're back in Kansas
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Great work


Thankyou for your review of bella adore production wise I wanted a voice and a guitar that simple it was meant to be raw and personal take care ,pete

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Clean Clean

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