when you are born with a gift, you should use it, but use is a harsh word, release, or give, or fly it

musicians have a different language

one that goes on constantly in their head,
their soul,
it is in everything that they do,
whether it is something as simple as putting on shoes,
walking if they can,
dancing if they can,
and if they can't,
you can still feel the music within them,

it is a gift, but we all have it, that one gift
we all have

where OH GOD
where would we be?
without it?
Thank You Lord,
For Our Gift

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if we had more musicians
we would all be too tired of clapping to fight!!!

Jim Gibbs BIO

Born in Richmond Virginia in October 1962.
Started playing guitar at the age of 6 and continued the rest of my life. I spent six years in the US Navy playing in ships bands while performing my duties as Electronic warfare Technician . Once I got out of the navy I joined a duo act playing the acoustic circuit in the greater hampton roads area. After thast I started playing in full bands like the BZ, Strange Brew, Lisa Baker and Calabash and Blind Toona with just about any style of music you would hear in a bar.
I have pursued professional training in guitar, voice and drums.
You got a song you wanna hear, I wanna hear from ya!
Be Blessed!


over 30 days ago to Jim Gibbs

this man rockes

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over 30 days ago


Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
over 30 days ago to Jim Gibbs

Hey Jim - nice songs... just reading you're bio info below about the gift of Music.... totally agree. If you get a minute, please have a listen to a song i wrote several years ago, called "Given the gift of music". Let me know what you think...
Play on! MSL

Yrral Mallik
over 30 days ago to Jim Gibbs

My Savior's Love ~ Enjoyed Da Listen.Love it.Thanks for sharing (:HIS SONSHINE:) Your broadjam Bro.(~;Yrral Mallik of Songramp AKA Larry Gordon Killam of Facebook Group Songwriters Unite over 1800 members;~)

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Jim Gibbs
over 30 days ago

Thank You so much! First Gospel for me, even after being baptized when I was 18. Great having my wife on the mix, she has the perfect voice that she doesnt think she does.

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