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Carolines Box was formed in 2008 through the creative efforts of G.R. Ray and Caroline Smith. Our music genre is Rock Instrumental with a blend of Classic Rock and Blues backgrounds. Our focus is on creating enjoyable music that will ensure a lasting impression for the listener. Our passion and dedication is to writing music with an upbeat tempo yet mellow foreground that creates a feeling of total relaxation. Our hope is to inspire our listeners by the same way that we were inspired, by having a great passion for music.

Music talents are accredited to:
G.R.Ray: Drums, Bass, Guitars and Engineering
Caroline Smith: Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Strings, Sound Effects, Engineering and Website Publication

Latest News

Hey Everyone!

We are back online after taking some time to remix some of our songs. We have two completely new songs just posted in our "Songs" section, so be sure to check them out! "My Way Home" and "The Way That It Is" are our first songs to be complete with vocals!

Caroline & Gary

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Artists Bios

Garys Bio...

When I was about thirteen years old, my father had given me a tape recorder as a present. It facinated me so much I played with that thing for hours, then on the back of a comic book I saw an add that promoted selling flower seeds. The top prize was a acoustic guitar. I sold seeds all summer and got that guitar, and ever since I have been playing guitar being strongly influenced by the likes of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Roger Waters, I learned how to play by ear. To this day I still can't read a lick of music, but I seem to be able to play with just my guts and feeling just fine. My father is also a strong influence too because it was he who introduced me to all kinds of music. I've played in bands and live performances but I found that writing songs and recording them was my big passion. So for about a decade my fellow band mates and I would get together once a year just to record one new song. Our day jobs never allowed us to grow because we had to eat and pay rent take care of families. Then I met Caroline.

Carolines piano talents and her love of classic rock quickly caught my attention and once I introduced her to my world of recording, she opened a new one for me as our two styles of music fused beautifully. We so enjoy writing and sharing our tunes and since Caroline is more net savy than I she has made my biggest dream come true. Making my music public. So now that we are together, we are about to take a journey together, and any one else can come along because we travel in our music to places never heard of or seen, and what powers us is love. Close your eyes, listen, and come along....

A bit about Caroline...

Originally from Statesboro, Georgia, I was first introduced to music at the young age of 3. Through strong family influence at this time I began picking up the sound for music. My mom gave me piano lessons until I was 13, I was then placed in professional lessons to further my knowledge and to give me more exposure. I continued with my piano lessons until age 18 when I decided I wanted to go in a different direction. While taking piano lessons, I performed concerts regularly at Foy Fine Arts at Georgia Southern University under instructor Dr. Susan Thomson. Through Susan's direction I also was a member of the American College of Musicians/National Guild of Piano Teachers for five consecutive years. Each of these five years I competed on a national level and recieved a Superior ranking all times, the highest honor possible to recieve through the Guild. After taking a different direction, one that brought me more self contentment, I have arrived here...

I met Gary in 2007 and since then he has introduced me into a new world of music, one that could be made from a home studio by us. Through his great encouragement he has also shown me that music is something to be enjoyed not pushed, it has to come naturally. I also feel continually renewed and inspired by the love and dedication to me that I feel from Gary. He has given me the tools necessary to work with him on all aspects of our recordings, through knowledge and equipment. I am so greatful for this knowledge.

I am forever thankful for this talent and for anyone who has helped me with this throughout life. It has enabled me to be where I am at now, complete happiness and contentment. I continue to look for ways of improvement and bettering my skills.

G.R.Ray & Caroline Smith of Carolines Box live in beautiful Westport, Washington with our dog Gandalf.

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