Australian rocker Aldo Leopardi and his band are a raucous bunch with seasoning that only comes from years of unhinged experience. With a snarl turned to a smile... these guys deliver a rock performance filled with electric irreverence. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Cars, and INXS are among the many influences and comparisons used when describing Aldo Leopardi. Describing this audacious Aussie and his crew is like trying to define how a perfect Jack-&-Coke tastes. It tastes good. It makes you feel good, and it just keeps getting better as you have some more.

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Aldo Leopardi

Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, Aldo Leopardi was the rebel student sitting in the back of dental school class sporting a black AC/DC muscle T-shirt and crazed hairstyle. Aldo conquered the stereotypical image dental professors invariably placed on him by graduating at 21, becoming the youngest dentist in Australia. He now has a Master's degree in Prosthodontics (cosmetic and restorative dentistry) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an American dental degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan.
The desire to continue his dental career and pursue his music interest in the United States led Aldo on a nationwide quest to find a place to call home. In 1999, he discovered the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Aldo moved to Denver and now has a successful dental practice in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
While becoming a leader in the field of dentistry, Aldo never strayed from his love of music. Music has always been the passion that feeds his soul. The goal of becoming a rock star began at the age of 10 when Aldo first picked up a guitar. After being featured in various rock bands since 16, the passion for producing an independent rock CD continued to burn. Finding the time to realize his vision albeit a calendar consumed by his practice and educational lectures became Aldo's biggest hurdle. Every spare moment was spent in the recording studio where he wrote, arranged, sang, performed and produced his first album. Featuring a fresh edge to the classic guitar driven rock sound, Aldo seeks to appeal to a diversified audience.
October 20th, 2007 marked the premiere of Aldo's first music video.
"Always Be" is the realization of a dream. Mike Vargas of Digital Events (( and his phenomenal team conceptualized and produced the video with director Jordan Horowitz of MTV in three magnificent Denver locations. Aldo's role in the video was a natural for him because the song is based on a true life tête-à-tête. He describes the making of the video as an "exhilarating event but melancholy due to its emotional essence." Peers, patients, and fans that were fortunate enough to attend the "Always Be" video release party in Denver were enthralled at Aldo's performance.
After three years of an exhausting schedule, the public can finally take notice of Aldo's harmonic objectives. The response to the album has been extremely positive. The primary website and his Myspace page have become hotspots for related information. His CD is available at most major online music outlets in addition to regional music outlet The video can be seen directly from
Note: Aldo will begin work on his follow-up album in December (2007). While the self-titled first CD remained loyal to Aldo's classic rock roots, his second endeavor will surprise listeners with its unique contemporary sound. Featuring fresh material, this high-energy modern rock album will captivate fans old and new. Aldo's anticipated release date is late 2008.
Aldo is currently auditioning musicians for a quality touring band to perform an elite schedule.


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