I own/engineer Whiskey Ridge Recording north of Seattle, WA, and have been full-time in music for over 40 yrs.

I write songs and collaborate with other artists, as well. Most of the songs currently listed here started with lyrics by Chris Horne, who lives in Arizona. At times, I add to the lyric (or not), then do the rest of the music, vocals and instruments, except for (mostly) 'live' drums.

Now its March '09 & I've just added six of my original songs: "This Feeling" (apocalyptic musings), "Stranglehold", (a rant on the economics at the moment), "Don't Take It So Hard" (about lost love), "Rock the Cradle, Rule the World" (all about the little ones), "Inside The Emptiness" (that feeling you get when you have no feeling left), and "To the Heart of Another Day", (a look at the road ahead). More to come ...

Latest News

Six new songs loaded for 2009 - 'This Feeling',
'Stranglehold', 'Rock the Cradle,
Rule the World', 'Don't Take It So Hard', Inside The Emptiness', &
'To the Heart of Another Day'.

The news is ... I'm new here, and looking forward to participating in Broadjam.

Am in the process of mixing/mastering several more original songs.

Nine of the tunes currently posted, feature lyrics by Chris Horne, and are part of a project called "Nine Lives".
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