For me, music is a soundtrack of the great unfolding of this universe. Having played guitar for over half of my life, I play many styles, from fingerstyle acoustic to electric blues; but when I write music, it is always from a peaceful state of improvisation. My favorite compositions are the ones that seem to be out there already and just happen to find their way through my fingers and the fretboard.

Zen & the Art of Improvisation

There is guidance and revelation in the vibrational art of musical improvisation. As we suspend the duality of creator and observer and exist presently and fully within the medium, we become the infinite, as a drop of rain becomes the ocean.

For me, playing the guitar and writing music is a meditation that allows me to transcend, however briefly, the duality and fear of the Ego-Mind. Once you resolve your fear, that energy you waste on worrying and self-construction/destruction, can now be shared with the universe.

I've realized, through my experience, that musical improvisation can be a direct channel into the infinite. The pieces I enjoy the most are the ones that seemed to just play themselves through me. Pretty much everything I write or play is primarily improvised. If I toil too much in the details, I tend to loose the energy that brings the song forward. I loose the feeling of being the messenger.

I've realized the following guidelines when writing music:

1) Eliminate Fear and Doubt - They horde energy and divert the creative process.
2) Suspend judgement - Judgement is only possible within duality.
3) Don't try to conrol everything - Control is only Ego in disguise.
4) Don't Think - You're body and instrument think for themselves. Your mind only gets in the way.
5) Listen to your intuition - Those little voices have wisdom
6) Let your mind dance as you play.
7) Whatever your state of mind, just write, just play. If you don't, you may wake up a year from now and wonder just what happened during the past year.

About Me

Started playing guitar at age 13 and quickly found myself drawn to the works of Eric Clapton, BB King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and from there, anything resembling the blues. Participated in the Blues Lab at Florida State University during college and then started playing more acoustic material after that. I've expanded my playing style over the past 5 years to include fingerstyle and flamenco-style guitar.

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Kevin, I am enjoying your music. You have such an amazing variety of style and songs. Have you ever considered co-writing with a lyricist? Happy New Year! You can email me at

Hi Kevin ~ I searched "Longwood" on Broadjam and found you. I live in Longwood too, and am a songwriter/lyricist. I write a capella, and collaborate with instrumentalists who put chords and an arrangment with songs that I birth. I write in a variety of genres. You can learn more at or email me at

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