Plays blues,jazz, worldbeat and r&b on both acoustic and electric guitar. Richy has 9 cds released internationally that receive airplay around the world. His cds are known for their haunting soulful melodies and are a mix of blues, jazz and worldbeat.Please listen to Richys music at or visit, and .
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Richy Kicklighter

October 06, 2005
Richy Kicklighter Kicks Back With Chill Guitar Grooves
Veteran Florida guitarist Richy Kicklighter returns with a welcome CD.

You may never have heard of Florida guitarist Richy Kicklighter, but over the course of seven albums he?s made some of the most mellow and gorgeous smooth jazz on the planet.

Kighlighter's King?s Highway and Myakka CDs from 1993 and 1994, respectively, are two of his best. It may conjure up overworked images, but his best songs on those and all of his CDs have been the ones that?d be kissin' cousins for the warm breezes of tropical nights.

Kicklighter ? and you have to love that name ? returns with 12 new songs on Moving Skies, released on his Midnight Pass Music. There are many memorable moments here, but the one song that jumps out as one of the guitarist?s new classics is the title track. It?s simple, elegant and the perfect chill-out tune after a hot day at the beach. ?Bahia Vista? and ?Indian Shores? would work also.

A perfect way to iron out stresses, Moving Skies is a muy bueno guilty pleasure, better than therapy.

Posted by Brian Soergel at October 6, 2005 04:45 AM

Richy Kicklighter

Everglades - Richy Kicklighter: With a title like Everglades, you're probably thinking that this track has something to do with Florida. If so, you're right. Kicklighter is a Sarasota based guitarist who issued a series of albums from the mid-80s thru until the late 90s. Although he's continued to perform locally he's been conspicuously silent on the record front for quite some time. Moving Skies is his recently issued seventh release and first since 1998. The music follows more or less the same course as his previous albums, moody & melodic, with much of it being inspired by the Myakka River which as part of its course runs thru the similarly named State Park not far from Kicklighter's home base. Richy often frequents its banks in order to relax and get rejuvenated and his music has long showed an affinity for its natural rhythms. Indeed, the title of Kicklighter's 1994 cd was Myakka. In any event, Everglades seems to perfectly reflect the feeling of a winding restful sojourn on that river !!
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Richy Kicklighter
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zz guitarist Richy Kicklighter to collaborate with Grammercy Records on releasing complete catalog

Seattle, WA, June 15, 2015 -- Grammercy Records has announced that it will be collaborating with internationally renowned jazz guitarist Richy Kicklighter to reissue his classic albums to a wider audience and work with him on new recording projects. The first of these projects to be issued by Grammercy is the album "Unknown" which is being released globally on June, 19 2015.

Richy Kicklighter first came to prominence in the late 1980s after releasing albums on the Ichiban record label based out of Atlanta, GA. His debut album "Just For Kicks" was an immediate hit on contemporary jazz radio, charting both in the USA and overseas. Over the next several years Richy continued to record and release charting albums which established him as one of the most prominent new jazz guitarists of the era. Since then Richy has continued to expand the musical genres found on his albums to include blues, R&B, and world beat influences. These other stylistic elements, fused with his trademark style of melodic jazz guitar, have helped Richy to create a unique sound that is all his own.

Grammercy Records is an established label that is especially well known for their jazz and blues releases. Grammercy's catalog includes releases by legendary artists such as Billie Holiday, John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong and many other revered artists of the past, as well as albums by more contemporary artists in these genres. Grammercy will be reissuing classic Richy Kicklighter albums through their worldwide distribution network as well as working with Kicklighter on producing new albums.

Vaughn Kiefer of Grammercy Records says "Grammercy is proud to be working with such a unique and talented artist as Richy Kicklighter. His style of guitar is truly all his own, and something that has won Richy a lot of fans all over the world during his decades long career." The first project to be issued by Grammercy Records is the album "Unknown" which is to be released on June 19, 2015. After that Grammercy will work on issuing the rest of his classic catalog, and is especially looking forward to releasing new recordings which will feature the bluesy side of Kicklighter's playing.

For additional information or a sample copy, Contact:

Vaughn Kiefer
Grammercy Records

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