Mainly a blues musician (guitar being the main instrument) I have been writing for many years. I love to play blues jams when i am not involved in recording or touring. I have played with many a fine musician on the road, some known some not so well known but all great musicians.I reside outside of nashville but I am not a country musician , more like folk alternative.. i try to stay an "indie" artist and by that I mean that I own my studio (pro tools rocks) we distribute record and do our own booking.
I support the "indei" movement.
Please enjoy the music and let me know what you think.
And please check out all the musicians on broadjam they are great you can catch some of the best right here look at my top artist and top songs. Support the Independent artist here .and allow them to continue making heartfelt and great music . These are the musicians and songwriters that are doing all the work themselves show them there are worht it cause they are.
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