I am a female singer songwriter, 26.
I really like collaborating with others, I am a versitle singer and like to sing most styles of music. I have a pretty large range and sing from high tenor to high soprano.
My influences are Sheryl Crow, U2, Aerosmith, Jewel, Holly Palmer, and others. If I had to categorize myself it would be Pop/Rock/w/some Jazz. Mainly I like good music that makes you feel something. Good Music as long as it connects that's all that matters.

I am looking for one of two things.
Management to help me establish myself and help put together a band around me with the goal of a recording contract. Or I am looking to join an already established band as their lead singer.

My goals:
International recording artist and tour with the band.
I have a really good work ethic and lots of stage presence, Energy out the wazoo!!!


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