"Our life writes a composition........... our soul sings a melody............. "

Music Without Borders is Expanding the World Through Music.......


This multi-faceted woman is a compilation of musical power, beauty, and skillful ability. She possesses a raw talent that is displayed in her music as well as in her lyrics.

Life writes her a composition, soul sings her a melody. Qiana?s style has an authenticity that everyone can easily relate to.
Qiana tours nationally as well as internationally where she is honored to have her songs translated in Portuguese as well as performing in various languages.

Qiana decided to take a leap of faith after she recorded the second Shekinah Glory Ministry Live CD to pursue her lifelong dream ? music without borders. She is a multi-genre songwriter, composer, musician, vocalist, and producer.

Qiana?s drive propels her into that next dimension where song, lyric, music and style become one. She is rhythm, soul, spirit and music?..

Please scroll down to see "Rules for Requesting Material"

All Hail the King in Brazil!

Rules for Requesting Material

On a Professional Level:
Please make contact via this website ONLY once you are interested in requesting material,as well as if you have questions regarding purchasing a song in it's entirety please send those inquires to the CONTACT page. For all other questions, comments, or opportunites please contact: info@qianabrock.com. It's not that your questions would go unanswered but routing them out will take longer than expected because those requesting material are considered first.

Please make sure when you are requesting material that you specify which genre you would like a song for (i.e., "looking for an uptempo LATIN song for an artist aged 18", etc.). It's difficult to send a ballad and you haven't specified which genre (R&B, Country, Christian, etc). I would LOVE to send you every ballad that I have but unfortunately I know you wouldn't want to have 100 ballad from all genres! So MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE :-)


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Junior Murrell
over 30 days ago to Qiana Brock

Love your BVox
Must collab.

Brenda Craven
over 30 days ago to Qiana Brock

Hi Q.,
Happy to see that you're still on BJ. I've been away for awhile, but I'm back now. Give me a holler when you get a chance.


Brenda Craven
over 30 days ago to Qiana Brock

Hi Qiana,
How are you doing? Hope you are doing well, and your music is taking off. If you don't remember, I met you at a Taxi Rally about 8 or 9 years ago.

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