My influences range from classical, metal, electronica, and pop, to celtic, modern country, and progressive rock. I play guitar, bass, and drums, as well as limited keyboards, and computer, of course!

I assemble and write my instrumental pieces primarily as background music with TV/film in mind. Cinematic, scene-oriented ideas come to me and I like to put music to them. Most of my music is intended to create or support thematic ideas, and not necessarily stand alone as commercial music.

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From whence he came...

Joined the junior high school band as a percussionist in grade seven. In grade eight, was recruited to play drums for the high school concert, stage, and jazz bands as well as the junior high band. After a couple of years of post-secondary school & work, began playing drums professionally in bands touring the Western Canada bar and nightclub circuit.

In high school, began playing guitar as well. Took some lessons but mostly self-taught, gravitating to the likes of Rush, April Wine, Triumph, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, etc. Later influences include Satriani, Vai, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Al DiMeola, Jesse Cook, Oscar Lopez, Peter Gabriel, Dream Theater, etc.

Added bass guitar and minimal keyboards to the list of instruments as the ability to express musical ideas was enhanced by the ability to provide all of the instrumentation without scheduling/coordinating other players.

As computing technology improved and home-based recording solutions became more effective, accessible, and affordable, began to delve into DAW-based recording and music creation.

Currently playing bass as a primary instrument when playing with friends and other musicians in a live scenario, but also contributing guitar and computer-based effects to collaborative writing and recording sessions.


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synapse trap
over 30 days ago to Bruce Brososky

Thanks for your review and useful suggestions. Very much appreciate it!

Elisabeth L. Genco
over 30 days ago to Bruce Brososky

Hi Bruce ... thanks for your review of Woodland Creation ... actually I was submitting this song for an advertisement ... it was supposed to be people who had gotten caught in the rain while camping ... ;-) ... hence the sound of rain and then the sunshine! ~ Elisabeth

El FLowious
over 30 days ago to Bruce Brososky

Hi Bruce. Thanx for the review of my song Reality Grooves. You hit it on the head about the old school synth sounds and the Asian feel, exactly what I was going after. I really enjoyed your song Either Real. It moves very nicely. Nice mixing toward the end (and over all) with the crunch gtr riff and the swoosh sound panned from left to right, nice touch.
I wish you much success.
El Flowious

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