I've written songs for 30 years and have several published, with publishers in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Atlanta and Alabama. Writing is my passion, I've published one book "I Ain't That Country", and started another, titled "Are You Covered?", and just finished the movie manuscript for "I Ain't That Country", plus lyrics to all the songs for the movie. I love writing and being a small piece of the industry and the wonderful people in it.
Recently formed in Nashville was the writing team we call "The Shoeless Joes"...look us up!
Write on/Rock on! KenM

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Latest songs "Where Nobody Knows My Name" and "I Heard There Was Beer".

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I started seriously writing songs about thirty years ago. I now live in Nashville and am part of the songwriting team "The Shoeless Joes".

Years ago my oldest sister handed down to me an old Gibson acoustic guitar and I learned about eight or so chords. Strumming away, I started pulling song lyrics out of the thing. Dozens of them.
I found out I could have 'demo' songs made, and I sent one of the lyric sheets and a couple of ideas to a company in Nashville to see what might happen. The song was produced and I was hooked. I found other producers and had other demos made. After I had a few in hand, I started mailing to music publishers. One found its way to a company in Los Angeles. The owner saw something in it and he contacted me. We talked for some time about it and the music industry in general. He gave me the name and number of his producer, and said to give him a call. I have been lucky enough since then to 'sign' oodles of songs I have written and love watching what happens with them.

A very talented and gifted music producer in New York keeps telling me 'You only ride this rocket once', and he is so right. The people I have dealt with have all been truly amazing. Lesson 101 in this businesses is that you cannot possibly get anywhere by yourself. I want to say 'Thank You' to all the people who have helped, guided, inspired, listened, raised, put up with, motivated and affected me on the amazing rocket ride.

Check out www.shoelessjoesmusic.com

Write on/Rock on!
- Ken Matthiesen -


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Marilyn Oakley
over 30 days ago to KenM

Hi Ken
Thanks for your review of my song, 11:59. Glad you like it. I enjoyed writing this one. The numbers just had a story to tell, and the sogn was born. Thanks again for your time. Best to you, ~M

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Al Kerr
over 30 days ago

enjoyed your songs dude ...kutgw...

Marilyn Oakley
over 30 days ago

Thank you, Al

Ricky John Brown
over 30 days ago to KenM

Thank You for your honest review of, Small Town Bar and Grill, it was enlightening.

Jo Ann Hudson
over 30 days ago to KenM

Hello Ken! I just came to your profile after reviewing "1935" and just wanted to mention that while I was listening, I thought how great it would have been to hear this tune on a PBS documentary I had seen recently about the dust bowl. Ironic, after reading your song description. My parents were adults through the Great Depression and I am so thankful that they passed along to me their great appreciation of the things most people take for granted.

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thank you Jo Ann. 1935 is a favorite of mine. You might also enjoy 'Head on down the road'. Both these songs have still photo videos on broadjam you might look at too.

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